Monday, December 5, 2011


Raj had always known, instinctively, that he should shut down his computer properly. Today, though, he was too busy - he had reports to finish, a meeting to attend, Christmas presents to buy - and he just wanted out of the office. So he hit the master switch and watched as the computer screen went dark. And then, to his surprise, so, too, did the lights above. And the lights down the hall from his office. The street lamps dimmed and exploded, cars swerved out of control and smashed, people knelt, clutched their heads and screamed, the earth rose and fell, storms erupted to life and assaulted the heaving planet, and, in a moment of absolute destruction, the universe reached out its invisible hand and squeezed, popping Earth in two and sucking both crumbling halves into a black hole so large that it would, in time, engulf existence itself. Life and death moaned, because one had lost all her players, and the other was overwhelmed with demise.

All because Raj hadn't shut down his computer properly.

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