Friday, December 9, 2011


Harold was just a bus driver. He had been for twenty years, and was looking forward to another twenty years of blissful, carefree driving in a small rural community. The masked man didn't care for that, however, and when he leaped onto Harold's bus and told him to 'Drive! Drive! Drive!', Harold didn't argue - he just drove, following the crazy man's directions as though a gun was at his temple. And when they arrived at the lake, overlooked by a rim of cliffs, Harold didn't quibble over being forced out of the bus. He got out, watching as the man calmly took the wheel and drove over the cliffs, into the lake below. And Harold knew, he KNEW, that the next day he would find pictures of his bus careening gracefully into the waters, its yellow hood shot in a series of thought-provoking angles and posted online for all to see. Yes, Harold's bus was just another victim of art - and Careen, the world's wildly popular (and wanted) photographer of bus crashes.

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  1. Oh what a poignant story! Thank you for penning this irony of life!